Nobo Maxi T-Card Kit 32 Slot 12x Size 2 Panels 1x Index Panel plus Cards Links and Inserts Ref 32938864



This T-Card Planning Kit has all you need to create a durable and effective 12-Month Planner, with the flexibility to plan monthly, annually or simply by project. It contains 12 x 32-slot size 2 panels, a 32-slot size 1 index panel, 2 aluminium rails with coloured title strips, 10 boxes of 100 size 2 T-Cards in assorted colours and a box of 100 size 1 cards.

  • This system may be used as an annual planner or for up to 12 machines, rooms, departments etc
  • Kit contains:
  • 12x32 Size 2 slotted panels
  • 1x32 Size 1 slotted index panel
  • 2x Size 2 card holders for spare card storage
  • Backboard incorporating tracking
  • 1000x Size 2 and 100x Size 1 assorted T-cards
  • Card stock: 160gsm
  • WxDxH: 800xx15x660mm
  • This Nobo T-Card planning system ensures you keep tight control of projects and resources by allowing you to plan monthly or annually
  • Supplied as a complete kit with 12 x 32-slot, size 2 panels, 1 x 32-slot size 1 index panel, and top and bottom link bars with coloured title inserts
  • Complete with 10 packs of 100 size 2 T-Cards as shown, and 1 pack of 100 size 1 index cards
  • Metal construction for extra durability
  • Fixing kit supplied – adhesive pads, hooks and screws for a choice of fitting
  • Size 800x660x15mm

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£278.95 exc VAT

£278.95 exc VAT